About Us

Our main focus is to increase the quality and competitiveness on the markets that we are present in order to reach the expectations of our clients and partners.

Red Dot Telecom

Due to the several operators that we have opened at this moment and to the continues investment in opening new telecom operators around the world, our companies can offer direct telecommunications services, without any intermediaries trough our own infrastructure.

All this operators are operating under the Red Dot Telecom brand. We can pride our self with all over the world.

The world of today means High Data Transfers

Our companies main project is to develop a Global Network that based on the local presence in each country can offer the Local Telecom Operator an easier and cost-effective interconnection service, but also come in the help of Red Dot Telecom B2B and B2C customers offering them quality at a competitive price.


Trough Red Dot Telecom

Our company is looking to bring a solution to one of the biggest problems that Enterprises and telecom operators is facing at this moment, having one provider for all the services around the world. 

about us