Our main focus is to increase the quality and competitiveness on the markets that we are present in order to reach the expectations of our clients and partners.


Standby Letter of Credit, one of the least understood but most powerful small business financing tools. While it’s used fairly extensively by larger companies, many small business owners frequently wonder what a standby letter of credit is, and aren’t aware of how it can help them and their enterprise succeed.



Has become a reputed exporter and supplier of high quality sugar, seeds, grains, nuts, frozen meat and chicken, milk and dairy products , plants and animals oils and aromatic spices and other agro based products originated from different parts of the world. Our products and service always satisfy customers’ demands no matter how choosy they are.

Red Dot Telecom

Due to the several operators that we have opened at this moment and to the continues investment in opening new telecom operators around the world, our companies can offer direct telecommunications services, without any intermediaries trough our own infrastructure.

All this operators are operating under the Red Dot Telecom brand. We can pride our self with all over the world.

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